Our coffee

Serving the highest quality coffee is at the heart of everything we do.
From coffee ingredients to machine based solutions, we draw on
our wealth of experience to bring value to you and your customers.

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Instant Coffee

Coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures, years of coffee passion go into producing our instant coffee, making great tasting coffee simple for everyone.

Espresso Beans

Our long and rich history started over 260 years ago, in a small village in The Netherlands. Our Master Blenders develop premium Espresso blends suitable for all coffee occasions.

Liquid Roast Coffee

Cafitesse starts as premium green coffee beans which are then expertly blended and roasted to match the most loved taste profiles of UK consumers. Brewed to perfection, cleverly packed & frozen to seal in all the flavours. The process ensures the last cup of coffee you serve is as fresh as the first.

Roast & Ground

Douwe Egberts are pleased to bring you a fantastic range of roast and ground coffee. Our coffee beans are carefully selected, blended, roasted and ground to offer a quality cup every time.

Coffee Capsules

L’OR aluminum capsules offer your customers the ultimate coffee experience. These capsules contain exclusively selected L’OR coffee beans, blended into immersive flavors. Allow your customers to be captivated by the intense aroma and discover the L’OR gold coffee standard.

Tassimo discs

From indulgent cappuccinos, to invigorating espressos, to refreshing herbal teas - we've got a T DISC for all your favourite hot drinks. We've got over 40 brands to choose from, so you can enjoy anything from a Costa Vanilla Latte to a Cadbury hot chocolate, whenever you fancy!

Your partner with the right solution

Your business is our passion. We can tailor our offering to meet your needs.

At the source

JDE's sourcing program includes 3 core areas:

We support global partnerships and origin projects to address the most challenging coffee & tea sustainability issues.

We purchase certified and verified coffee & tea with internationally recognised standards such as: UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and 4C.

Through our Supplier Initiative, we partner directly with our suppliers to improve working conditions and protect natural resources where coffee is grown.

Within Our Company

We strive to minimize the impact the environment, focusing on 3 areas:

Energy: By 2020, we aim to further reduce our total manufacturing energy by another 10%.

Waste: By 2020, all of our manufacturing sites will be landfill free.

Logistics & Transport: We are continuously looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint throughout our supply chain.

For Our customers

We are driven by our belief “Everyone Deserves the Coffee They Love”

We believe that coffee & tea moments between people build stronger communities.

We consider the environmental footprint of our products and appliances to be important.

We acknowledge that drinking coffee & tea in moderation can be part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.